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30 July 2008 @ 05:49 pm
Life so far  
It's been a while since I last updated something on my LJ, I can't help but feel a bit worried. Has minna already forgotten all about me? Anyway, I'm trying to registered myself a cyworld but the process proved to be too complicated than I had anticipated, so I felt a bit frustrated sending all the needed documents for submission to them. Sometime I wish everyone in the world speak only the same language *lesighs* Keep on day dreaming, Meibi (-__-;)

The season of exams is here again, and I find myself blinking at a mountain of textbooks and papers I have to finish reading before Friday arrives. I already took 3 exams, but there're still 2 left to be worried about; one's solely existence, I belive, is to introduce me to the lovely yet frightening 'D' or 'C-' in my transcript. I just hope I could nail it when entering the exam room this Friday, hence the need to study at any given times, at any given places, and with any given fiber of my being, until I can no longer tell what is the end of one lesson and the begining of the next. Let's just pray that I can manage to get through this one hell of a ride in one piece then.

If you still remember, I was once worked for the promotional trip of a certain Korean band not too long ago. This time, in another one week or two, I'll be working again, this time with Epik High *squees* I'm about to meet Tablo-oppa in person. Life couldn't get better~ (And need I to remind myself that Gomthra, excuse me, Mithra is one of Chulie's bestfriend? Huh, I suppose not.) I can go on spazzing for as long as I'd like, but it will probably do a permanent damage to your brain, so I'll just end it here to save your souls *lol*

Next time that I have a chance to update my journal again, I'll tell you about the work with Epik High, and whether or not I get a 'D' in my transcript XD

Until then,
this is your friend, MeiBi <3
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