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07 October 2017 @ 01:59 am
Welcome mina-san  

This journal is now a Semi-Friends Only journal because I feel like locking my posts which tend to be mostly my picspam and my life (and of course, my fangirling *lol*). All of my translation entries will still be opened for everyone's viewing, so you don't have to friend me just because you want to read some blogs. But if you still want to add me then these are what you should know...

■ First thing first. If you want me to add you. We should have at least one interest in common. My interests are listed on my profile page, you should get a brief idea about my interest at the moment.

■ Add me and post your message here. I don't check my info page everyday so I wouldn't know if anyone has just added me or not.

■ Unfortunately, we don't have a thing in common but you still want me to add you. Friendly post your introduction message here. If I don't have anything against you, I'll add you back with no hesitation.

■ The last and the most important thing. I post everything that I feel like. Mostly they will be about Tenimyu, AirMyu and lots of related casts including RUN&GUN (especially KenKen and Ryuji). And now there will be Super Junior, Big Bang, and etc. added to the lots too *lesighs*. It is possible that I might accidentally step on someone's toes. So if you don't like what I post, I suggest you to just ignore it.

■ Well. That's all. Nice to meet you ヽ(´ー`)ノ

■ Oh~ and one other thing. I am not a Japanese native speaker nor fluent in Japanese. The fact is that I am still as much of a Japanses learner myself. So all the translations in my LJ are not always 100% accurate as I hope them to be. If you find any mistakes in my translations, please do not flame me. I probably won't taste any better medium-rare or well-done. Kindly post your correction and I'll correct them as soon as I notice it. Thank you for your reading *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
✪明日~【メイビ】✪: ryuji_orangemeibi on May 21st, 2007 08:45 am (UTC)
You're very welcome to add me, love XD As the matter of fact I'm adding you right now *wink*
Nice to meet you~

Oh~ your icon *lol*