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01 January 2009 @ 11:42 pm
Goodbye dear 2008, a lot had happened...  
This will be my first official entry of this year, alas I should make it memorable.

What happened in 2008 that MeiBi'd like to remember
I couldn't possibly write this in chronical order so you have to bear with me *lol*
- Numerous changes of fandoms: [Anime/Manga -> Glay -> JE -> D-Boys/Myu -> w-inds. -> Anime/Manga -> My Chemical Romance -> McFly -> D-Boys/Myu] -> Tenipuri -> Gintama -> Katekyo Hitman Reborn! -> Seiyu -> Myu -> Big Bang -> Super Junior -> ?
- Working with SS501 and Epik High
- Super Junior's Super Show in Bangkok and their various visit to Thailand
- Fino press conference that had ensured Hankyung a special spot in MeiBi's memory (something about eye-contact and staring for too long, and that glints in his eyes)
- A Choi-fight whether to really like him or get sick of him
- KenKen's disapearance for a year and came back without MeiBi (-__-;;)
- The Exploration of Human Body, period
- Mom's work in WTO and the biggest change in the past year, Geneva was pretty cold during my visit
- Missing Summer
- Wonderboys & Wonderboys again: Min's s-line and Jokwon's expression pwned them all
- Ichinomiya Shihan's Gintama doujinshi / Banyu's adult!Hibari x Dino
- Suzumura Kenichi's awesomeness
- How Oshitari Yuushi and Sasagawa Ryohei can be the same person
- Discovering the biggest Y-factor in Korean Entertainment Business: aka Super Junior (too many skinship will make your head ache)
- Trying auction with the auction service for the first time, money flew out of wallet easier
- The reunion with old friends who, as MeiBi could recall, accused her of being an aggressive bitch
- Trying to impress someone is so gaddamn hard!
- The funeral of MeiBi's dearest uncle; discovered that her cousin is actually a VIP in cassiopean disguise (sorry for the misspelling)
- Encountering with the Fallen Angle; it should be illegal for a 25/26-year-old man to look this beautiful
- X-man, Love Letter, Star King, Inkigayo on Thai cable TV
- Musical actors who can skate
- etc.

*sighs* MeiBi needs more doujinshi.